A Message Regarding COVID-19



As we all come to terms with the extraordinary and rapidly changing global situation caused by Covid-19, I would like to update you on the plans we have in place to ensure we protect our staff and operations. 

Our staff are crucial to our on-going business and our management team are meeting daily to plan and implement processes to safeguard them and their families. This will in turn ensure our ability to maintain our in-house development programmes and to continue to support and progress all our collaborative work programmes. 

  • We are encouraging work practices that facilitate “social distancing” and have implemented travel restrictions and a work-from-home policy for any non businesscritical activities. 
  • We are in the process of relocating our University laboratory equipment to our own facility. A core focus for the business is to ensure that we continue to make progress in all our development activities. 
  • In everything we do, we prioritise safety and we also remain fully committed to our plans to make the most sustainable source of food protein.  As such, we will endeavour to maintain our target timescales by working closely with partners and suppliers.   
  • We are working from home, but I stress that we are working, and we have a focus on being prepared and proactive.   
  • We are truly grateful for the ongoing support from our main suppliers and we are confident we have a robust plan to enable us to continue our projects.  As an example, whave a pilot production run scheduled for next week and this remains in plan.  
  • We will of course continue to monitor the advice and adapt accordingly and where required we will share and communicate any updates or changes to project timelines. 

Finally, I would like to give a personal thanks to our staff, partners, suppliers, investors and customers for their support at this difficult time.