ABUNDA® is a high quality source of protein and fibre, which as a complete food meets the global need of feeding a growing population in a sustainable manner.  

ABUNDA®  is trademark of  3F BIO Ltd for mycoprotein made using our propriatory zero waste process.


Mycoprotein is a healthy, meat-free form of high-quality protein and is also a good source of dietary fibre. It was approved for general use in food in 1983 and has been on sale since 1985 with regulatory approval by EFSA US FDA (GRAS) and wider markets.

Mycoprotein is currently the branded market leader in the rapidly expanding global meat-free sector, based on a product taste and advantage through its unique fibrous texture which is similar to meat.

What we do Differently?

3F BIO’s novel integrated technology offers the potential for a step-change transformation in the economics, scalability and sustainability profile of mycoprotein production.

The unique properties of mycoprotein lend themselves to many applications.  We see imminent opportunities in a range of delicious foods that meet the tastes of Meat Eaters, Flexitarians, Vegetarians and… … well, people everywhere.

We envision a world of business and consumer applications.

Meat Alternatives

If the Serviceable Accessible Market (SAM) is defined solely as the current meat substitute market, this was valued at €3.8bn in 2016, but is forecast to account for a 3-20% share of the global meat market by 2050, with the bottom end estimate equating to a 10-fold increase to c€38bn.

By 2030 this channel is estimated at €9.8bn and for mycoprotein to maintain its current market share this equates to a requirement for 200k tonnes per annum.

Meat Extenders

Adding in applications as a meat diluter or standard protein ingredient extends the total near-term opportunity to >1M tonnes per annum.

Protein Ingredients

Demand for protein will increase by >100M tonnes by 2030 and is unsustainable economically and environmentally if solely from animal protein sources.

ABUNDA®  mycoprotein provides a scalable solution with a product format that can be adapted to multiple formats and which can be relevant in all geographies.

Pet Food

In addition to being a high quality protein, with zero cholesterol and no transfats, ABUNDA® mycoprotein is also high in fiber, and naturally contains 9 essential amino acids needed for pet health and development.
And this is really just the beginning…

There’s so much more to come as ABUNDA®  helps you create new tasty, cost-effective and sustainable solutions.


ABUNDA® represents a million opportunities to create future foods that meet our future needs.

As our resources are brought under ever greater pressure from growing populations, we believe ABUNDA®  will help manufacturers around the world design new, tasty and sustainable protein-based solutions.

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