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Does the World Have a Protein Problem?

Does the World Have a Protein Problem?

The average "Western" diet typically contains more meat than is sustainable at a global level. Bringing a sustainable high-quality protein product to market has therefore been a key motivation behind the 3F BIO mycoprotein technology. But the 3F BIO concept is founded...

Motivation for 3F BIO

Motivation for 3F BIO

“To compare ‘huge’ things with each other, we need numbers, not adjectives.”  -David Mackay The timing of this post (which is a bit of a personal one) has been prompted by the sad death of David Mackay-his book http://www.withouthotair.com/ stimulated Hannah and...

3F BIO – State of the Art Facilities

3F BIO – State of the Art Facilities

  Major investment in fermentation and bioprocessing capability by IBioIC in the University of Strathclyde in the Rapid Bioprocess and Prototyping Centre has provided a state of the art fermentation facility with 3F BIO as the first industrial user. IBioIC through its...

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