3F BIO’s purpose is to tackle the combined issues of feeding a growing global population and the unsustainable impact of traditional protein farming.

In nature, the smaller the organism, the more rapid and more efficient the protein development.  That’s why we’ve looked away from the production of protein for human consumption by farming large animals. We take the protein-producing power of the smallest organisms on the planet which enables us to create more, with less… as it turns out, a lot more.

By thinking small, we create 3 benefits in 1.  Sustainability, zero waste and the most efficient conversion of grain into Food, Feed and Fuel.  The feed conversion efficiency for 3F ‘s zero waste protein (Abunda®)  is between 3 and 15 times more efficient than any of the competitor protein sources, and this is at the core of our motivation to make “Sustainable Protein”.

Our business model is to work collaboratively, supplying a B2B ingredient to access the full extent of the market.

Our vision is to produce 1M tonnes cumulatively by 2030, but we see potential to scale to 10’s of millions of tonnes per annum leveraging existing industrial infrastructure and economic advantage.

Sustainable protein could sound too good to be true, but based on the economic advantages from resource efficiency it is more accurate to see this as the future of food, achievable today and with the ability to scale for tomorrow.

Founders’ Stories

3F BIO’s founders bring a mix of experience across engineering, food, global agriculture and sustainability. With complimentary experience and perspectives, we also enjoy our fair share of creative and provocative challenge.  What unites us is the shared purpose to create more with less, and to make protein sustainable.
Craig Johnston

Craig Johnston

BD Director / Founder

During my industrial career, managing manufacturing technology development, I have always been interested in the concept of systems thinking. Bringing together innovation from different sources led to the creation of 3F BIO.

I believe wholly in the principles of collaboration to deliver efficient large-scale projects. More recent work is focussed on the development of new ways to manufacturing tomorrows medicines. This has been achieved through CMAC (Continuous Manufacturing and Advanced Crystallisation) a leading global academic, pharmaceutical technology company and academia partnership, hosted at the University of Strathclyde.

For 3F BIO, we have demonstrated the technology within the University, working with the Industrial Biotechnology Innovation Centre, and the next phase of development will involve a much greater level of external collaboration.

Jim Laird

Jim Laird

CEO / Founder

I have worked in the food industry my entire career – starting out as an engineer running beef burger factories, and moving through to running the international sales for the world’s leading meat-free brand.

In more than 25 years, I have never found anything that is as professionally motivating as the focus on “sustainable protein”. The demand for meat is increasing by 10M tonnes annually, and the inefficiencies in animal farming are unsustainable for so many reasons.

Within our technology, it’s the transformational feed conversion efficiency of making more with less that most excites me, and which lets us be wholly purpose-led.

David Ritchie

David Ritchie

Scientific Advisor

My engineering career has focused on shaping the development of many new processes for efficient commercial operation and robust engineering delivery.

Leading technology in the agri-business sector has focused my attention on the inefficiency and sustainability challenges (primarily associated with meat) of the agricultural sector as a whole.

3F BIO’s technology integrates existing product, technology, asset and engineering solutions in a manner which delivers genuinely scalable sustainable protein.

We have looked for alternatives that deliver a comparable economic or environment advantage but have not found it and so we are now assembling the team to work collaboratively on delivering our plans.

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