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Here’s how our patented approach creates a transformative impact …
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Technology & Product

3F BIO’s innovation produces the established ingredient mycoprotein at a highly competitive cost.  3F BIO’s patented process covers the zero-waste fermentation of high-quality protein, converting starch to protein using cost effecient feedstocks, and decouples the ability to meet economic growth from the disproportionate use of natural resources.

Advantage 1

We use cost effecient sustainable sugar as a fermentable feedstock.

Advantage 2

We create a zero waste process.

Advantage 3

We use existing supply chains and low cost capital solutions

The 3F BIO technology combines 2 stand-alone processes into a zero waste, integrated process to yield mycoprotein sustainably.

Why we are different

We integrate 2 stand alone processes to create more with less.

And here’s what really makes us different…

Award-winning INNOVATION

Creating a zero waste, integrated process enables the production of food, feed and fuel in the most efficient manner.

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